When Pencil Met the Markers

When Pencil Met the Markers

  • $ 18.95

Meet the Markers! They love to color. But Purple Marker colors everywhere―even outside the lines. When the other markers call his creativity a mistake, it’s up to Pencil and Eraser to help Purple discover how making mistakes and making art go hand-in-hand.

This hilarious and clever picture book allows Pencil and Eraser to show Purple Marker―and the rest of us―how to turn our messes into successes and do what makes us happy.

With engaging art and adorable characters, 
When Pencil Met the Markers gives center stage to every kid's favorite classroom materials, making this a perfect gift for teachers and the first day of school.

By Karen Kilpatrick and Luis O Ramos Jr. 
Imprint, 2020
Hardcover, 40 pages
11.17 x 0.42 x 8.96 inches

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