Recurrent Visions: The Architecture of Marshall Brown Projects

Recurrent Visions: The Architecture of Marshall Brown Projects

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Groundbreaking architect Marshall Brown presents a vision of the future through cross-disciplinary explorations that leverage the possibilities of scale, media, and time in this survey of three unique projects. With an introduction by curator Karen Kice, discover Brown's work through a deep dive into his seminal projects for New York, Chicago, and Detroit.

Recurrent Visions journeys into the cities, places, and spaces of the future crafted by the hands of today, with contributions from today's leading architectural thinkers, Monica Ponce de Leon, Joseph Becker, Allison Glenn, and Adrienne Brown, featuring three projects:

UNITY Plan for the MTA Vanderbilt Rail Yards, Brooklyn
Dequindre Civic Academy, Detroit
Smooth Growth Urbanism, Chicago

Discover the voice shaping the future of our urban experience. Ideal reading for designers, architects, and scholars, this book presents work that encourages discovery, exploration, and time travel, by one of the most forward-thinking architects and urbanists of our time.

By Marshall Brown and Karen Kice
Princeton Architectural Press, 2022
Hardcover, 128 pages
9 x 0.3 x 12 inches

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