Pencil Set with Scaled Ruler

  • $ 34.00

This set of 6 pencils & foldable scale ruler is an homage to great architects.
N°1 : Rudy is about construction ! His pencil is the one of a mason, to write directly on concrete. (3B)
N°2 : Renzo is about precision and eye for detail. His pencil is hard, precise and sharp. (2H)
N°3 : Frank is about sketches and lines, curved and free as his mind. His pencil is thick and soft for smooth lines. (2B)
N°4 : Zaha is about form and substance. Her pencil only express itself on a dark medium. (white pen)
N°5 : Jean is about details, annotations, in red of course ! (red pen)
N°6 : Tadao is about light. His line is delicate, poetic and airy. His pencil is blue. (blue pen)
Material : certified wood for pencils and box in hard cardboard printed in hot stamping

By Cinqpoints
2.8 x 2.8 x 7.9 inches

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