Modern Houses in Black

Modern Houses in Black

  • $ 50.00

• Explores the trend of black design in residential architecture

• Carefully selected and curated, the book features 28 recently built residential projects across 19 countries

• Illustrated with stunning photography showcasing beautiful and unique houses in both urban and rural locations

• Informative interviews with architects examine how and why black was used in the designs

• Will appeal to lovers of distinctive design, and especially those who appreciate the daring and sophistication that black offers residential architecture

A black home commands attention. Black adds drama, sophistication, and edginess to residential architecture. In Modern Houses in Black, Susan Redman explores the trend in black home design through a curated collection of twenty-eight residential properties across the world.

Illustrated with striking images of houses sited in either urban settings or remote rural landscapes, the book features these bespoke residences confidently displaying their dark exteriors, making a bold statement wherever they are located.

By including interviews with architects who explain their design choices for structure and materiality, from black-stained or burnt wood and metal cladding to black glazed brickwork and tinted concrete, Redman provides insights for current developments in the trend.

The homes featured will appeal to lovers of distinctive design, particularly to those who appreciate both the elegance and daring that black offers modern residential architecture.

By Susan Redman
Images Publishing, 2024
Hardcover, 280 pages
9.00 x 10.50 inches

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