Maximalism: Bold, Bedazzled, Gold, and Tasseled Interiors

Maximalism: Bold, Bedazzled, Gold, and Tasseled Interiors

  • $ 89.95

This unique visual collection celebrates the very best contemporary Maximalist interior design as well as making the connection to a much longer historical tradition of excess. Maximalism is a style that has been with us, in one guise or another – for example in the castles, palazzi, chateaux, and historic homes of bygone ages – for more than 400 years. This richly illustrated volume, with metallic gold ink used throughout, features the most extraordinary Maximalist interiors from all over the globe, from centuries past and present, transcending both time and geography. An intense and thrilling journey through the magic and mayhem that is Maximalism – a book that is as much an experience as it is a book – its luxurious pages are layered, loud, and louche, chaotic, colorful, and controversial, but also romantic, joyous, and imbued with personality, history, and story telling.

By Phaidon Editors
Phaidon Press, 2023
Hardcover, 288 pages
10.3 x 1.13 x 11.75 inches

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