Screen Readers, Style #C by Izipizi

  • $ 50.00

The lenses of the glasses in Izipizi's Screen Collection have a special coating which blocks 40% of the ‘blue light’ emitted by LED screens in smartphones, tablets, computers, and TV screens. Users claim improved sleep and less fatigue.

The young, dynamic and motivated team at Izipizi has created a line of chic and ready-to-wear eyeglasses satisfying the need for fashionable designer eyewear at very accessible prices. Who says reading glasses have to be boring? The team has already won many prestigious awards for their design, including the "Graines de Boss".

  • Design: Izipizi Paris
  • Collection #SCREEN
  • Soft finish
  • Flexible hinges
  • Diopter strengths available: +1 / +1.5 / +2 / +2.5
  • Packaged in a felt pouch and gift box

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