Flip Bud Vase

  • $ 19.95

Tabletop vase with changeable artwork! Pick from 7 drawings and place flowers into the easily attachable plastic vase to enjoy an ever-changing art on your tabletop. With the smart design, the Flip Vase will hold any small fresh or dry flower with its plastic vessel, which can be easily attached to every page you choose.

The front of the vessel is minimalistic, allowing flowers to blend into the art. The back of the hides a large reservoir for water if needed, and is also long enough to hold a large portion of the stem.

The Flip Vase can stand on any flat surface, with its elegant notebook-styled design, it blends effortlessly into your home and workspace. 

by Beyond123
Material: high-quality art prints on reinforced notebook paper. Includes a plastic vessel to hold flowers.
Dimensions: 5” wide and 9” tall

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