European Building Construction Illustrated

European Building Construction Illustrated

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The first European edition of Francis DK Ching’s classicvisual guide to the basics of building construction.

For nearly four decades, the US publication BuildingConstruction Illustrated has offered an outstanding introduction tothe principles of building construction. This new European editionfocuses on the construction methods most commonly used in Europe,referring largely to UK Building Regulations overlaid with Britishand European, while applying Francis DK Ching’s clear graphicsignature style. It provides a coherent and essential primer,presenting all of the basic concepts underlying buildingconstruction and equipping readers with useful guidelines forapproaching any new materials or techniques they may encounter.

European Building Construction Illustrated provides acomprehensive and lucid presentation of everything from foundationsand floor systems to finish work. Laying out the material andstructural choices available, it provides a full understanding ofhow these choices affect a building′s form and dimensions.Complete with more than 1000 illustrations, the book moves througheach of the key stages of the design process, from site selectionto building components, mechanical systems and finishes.

  • Illustrated throughout with clear and accurate drawings thateffectively communicate construction processes and materials
  • Provides an overview of the mainstream construction methodsused in Europe
  • Based around the UK regulatory framework, the book refers toEuropean level regulations where appropriate.
  • References leading environmental assessment methods of BREEAMand LEED, while outlining the Passive House Standard
  • Includes emerging construction methods driven by thesustainability agenda, such as structural insulated panels andinsulating concrete formwork
  • Features a chapter dedicated to construction in the MiddleEast, focusing on the Gulf States

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By Francis DK & Mark Mulville
Wiley, 2014
Paperback, 472 pages
8.5 x 1 x 10.9 inches