Correlations: Life + Work: Bentel & Bentel Architects

Correlations: Life + Work: Bentel & Bentel Architects

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Based in a historically distinguished town near New York City, the firm of Bentel & Bentel Architects has been led for over 50 years by two generations - men and women - of one family. The interweaving of their experiences, lifestyles, and personal philosophies has produced a uniquely elegant series of works including public buildings, restaurants, and hotels. The buildings are equally notable for their thoughtful relationships to the structures they occupy or adjoin, the communities in which they stand, and the experiences of their intended users. Bentel & Bentel's accomplishments reflect not only its cumulative design experience but the insights the partners bring to their work from a variety of related activities: painting, sculpture, dance, design of furnishings, architectural history, and education. Reflecting the lives and accomplishments of the firm's partners, this monograph is composed of three narratives: Who We Are, What We Do, and Who We Were.
By Paul Bentel, et al.
Images Publishing, 2024
Hardcover, 240 pages
9.45 x 1.05 x 11.2 inches

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