Between the Leaves, Volume 1: On Housing

Between the Leaves, Volume 1: On Housing

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Canopy/architecture + design is proud to announce the release of the first volume of their new book series Between the Leaves, which focuses on designing for a more equitable world. Volume 1, out today, will focus on housing.

The book features interviews with practitioners and affordable housing developers, articles by community-based organizations, and visions from designers around the world. Contributors include Angela Hurlock (Claretian Associates, Chicago Housing Authority), Edgar Flagg (Mercy Housing), Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Housing Action Illinois, as well as several international designers and architects.

Between the Leaves, Volume 1: On Housing offers a vivid, current view of the challenges and opportunities that affordable housing carries in our cities. Using the context of Chicago as the lens to capture systemic global issues present in housing, this book seeks to offer a new promise toward the quality of life for families and individuals throughout our cities and neighborhoods.