Best High-Rises 2014

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Thirty recently built skyscrapers from around the world are celebrated by the 10th anniversary of the International High-Rise Awards. Every year it seems another “world’s tallest building” is planned or completed, signaling its city’s prominence as a modern Mecca of industry and civilization. As proven by this compendium of the best in high-rise architecture from the past two years, sustainability, energy, cost efficiency, and user friendly design can distinguish a run-of-the-mill skyscraper from a landmark building. Through photographs, illustrations, and architectural drawings, this collection of magnificent structures focuses on the evolution of high-rise architecture away from the classic office building and towards mixed use projects that will shape the appearance and livability of cities around the world.

By Peter Cachola Schmal 
Prestel, 2014
Paperback, 112 pages
8.27 x 0.39 x 10.63 inches

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