A102–2017, Owner-Contractor Standard Agreement GMP *REVISED* (Hard Copy)

A102–2017, Owner-Contractor Standard Agreement GMP *REVISED* (Hard Copy)

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A102- 2017 Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor where the basis of payment is the Cost of the Work Plus a Fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price

This standard form of agreement between owner and contractor is appropriate for use on large projects requiring a guaranteed maximum price, when the basis of payment to the contractor is the cost of the work plus a fee. A102–2017 adopts by reference and is intended for use with AIA Document A201®–2017, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction. In addition, A102 is drafted to be used in conjunction with the A102™–2017, Exhibit A, Insurance and Bonds. This insurance and bonds exhibit is a critical part of the owner/contractor agreement and should be discussed with legal and insurance counsel.  

When to use

  • Large project
  • Gauranteed maximum price 

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