111 Places in Washington, DC That You Must Not Miss

111 Places in Washington, DC That You Must Not Miss

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Step away from the traditional highlights of the city of innovators, great benefactors, artists, presidents and hucksters to discover innumerable interesting and unknown sites, artifacts and other treats in Washington, DC. Visit places hiding in plain sight, that may go unnoticed or simply be unknown to long-time residents and visitors alike. Play a round of miniature golf among the cherry trees. Buy original art works out of a vintage cigarette machine. Catch a show at one of the refurbished theatres where Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington used to gig. Commune with the Godfather of Go-Go music in his memorial park. Get away from the tourists and peace out by walking a labyrinth alongside the Potomac River. Try a salad made of indigenous root vegetables at a Native American café.

By Andrea Seiger
Emons Publishers, 2023
Paperback, 240 pages
5.51 x 0.74 x 7.75 inches

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