Critical Skills for Solving Design Problems

Critical Skills for Solving Design Problems

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Architectural plans, generally, are beset by problems as the project develops. A prospective architect needs to learn how to critically assess and problem-solve design issues. And for every problem, there is a solution, as renowned architects reveal, walking through the design process with full-colour photographs, drawings and sketches of their projects.

Sharing their insights on a selection of architectural principles that were tailored to reflect design critique, they highlight different approaches for efficient problem-solving. With nearly twenty projects from these well-known architects, this book provides an unmissable opportunity to learn from the experts. They examine design problems encountered during the project and offer examples of critical thinking that resulted in practical solutions. This book will form an invaluable reference for architects and students alike.

By Paul Michael Davis
Images Shenyang, 2022
Paperback, 260 pages
6.8 x 0.87 x 9.56 inches

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