Gemini Candleholder

  • $ 76.99

Inspired by the beauty of possibility, Gemini candle holder by Peter Karpf is a perfect marriage of form and function. It was designed precisely to allow for the candles to be the smallest distance apart without falling. Made of solid stainless steel, it can hold two handmade candles with the optimal burning time of 4 hours.

Gemini can stand-alone or be arranged in endless combinations. Creativity is the only limit. Enjoy its clean lines and simple purity, which are highlighted by the contrast between the candle wax and the polished stainless steel.

Designed for use with the Gemini candleholder, Peter Karpf's tall and thin hand-dipped candles are presented in a set of four. With an average burn time of around three hours, each handmade candle is made from 100% stearin - a natural by-product.

by Architectmade
Material: solid stainless steel, candles: 100% stearin

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