Architecture for Kids: Skill-Building Activities for Future Architects

Architecture for Kids: Skill-Building Activities for Future Architects

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A hands-on introduction to drawing and architecture for kids 8 to 12

Architects play an important role in helping buildings, cities, and communities thrive. If you’re interested in architecture, Architecture for Kids will introduce you to all of the most important terms and skills every aspiring architect needs. You’ll explore how ideas and drawings become real buildings and learn how architects see the world from new perspectives, including with a bird's eye view, from the inside, and three-dimensionally.

Architecture for Kids offers:

  • Building basics―Learn about what distinguishes different kinds of buildings, and see examples of architecture from around the world and throughout history.
  • Fun activities―Try interactive exercises like planning a lush green roof or drawing your dream bedroom, so you can practice thinking like an architect.
  • Your first portfolio―Write and draw directly on the pages, creating an archive of your own architectural designs!

Get excited about how buildings come to be with a book full of facts and activities about architecture for kids.

By by Mark Moreno, Siena Moreno
Publisher:  Rockridge Press (March 2, 2021) 
Paperback: ‎122 pages
Reading age: 8 - 12 years, from customers
Grade level: 4 - 6


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