The Ultimate Book of Cities

The Ultimate Book of Cities

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Learn all about the people, places, and vehicles that make the city go: The express bus drives passengers to work, swans swim in the lake at the park... Best of all, lots of flaps, popups, pull-tabs, and rotating wheels bring a vibrant city to life. Readers will learn what traffic signs mean, see all that goes on in big buildings, and visit a fire station. Any child who is interested in how cities work adore this extraordinary book.  Reading age 5-8 years. 

• Supersized spreads feature marvelously detailed illustrations that just beg to be pored over again and again
• More than 55 interactive flaps, tabs, and more to keep kids engaged
• A captivating adventure that brings the city and the magic of books to life in young minds

By Anne-Sophie Baumann and Didier Balicevic 
Twirl, 2017
Hardcover, 22 pages
10.15 x 1.2 x 13.35 inches

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