Leading Collaborative Architectural Practice

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The groundbreaking guide to modern leadership in architectural practice
Leading Collaborative Architectural Practice is the leadership handbook for today's design and construction professionals. Endorsed by the American Institute of Architects, this book describes the collaborative approach to leadership that is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern practice; gone are the days of authoritative "star" architects— today's practice is a brand, and requires the full input of every member of the team. This book builds off of a two-year AIA research project to provide a blueprint for effective leadership: the ability, awareness, and commitment to lead project teams who work together to accomplish the project's goals. Both group and individual hands-on exercises help facilitate implementation, and extensive case studies show how these techniques have helped real-world firms build exemplary success through collaborative teamwork and leadership.

Highly illustrated and accessible, this approach is presented from the practicing architect's point of view—but the universal principles and time-tested methods also provide clear guidance for owners, contractors, engineers, project managers, and students.

  • Build a culture of collaboration, commitment, and interpersonal awareness
  • Adopt effective leadership techniques at the team, project, or practice level
  • Handle conflict and resolve communication issues using tested approaches
  • Learn how real-world projects use effective leadership to drive success

The last decade has seen a sea-change in architectural leadership. New practices no longer adopt the name and identity of a single person, but create their own identity that represents the collaborative work of the entire group. Shifts in technology and changing workplace norms have made top-down management structures irrelevant, so what does it now mean to lead? Forefront presents effective contemporary leadership in the architectural practice, and real-world guidance on everyday implementation.

Chapter 01
Table of Contents

By Erin Carraher, Ryan E. Smith, Christopher Henderson (Illustrator) with Peter DeLisle
Hardcover, 336 pages
John Wiley, 2016 
7.6 x 1 x 9.3 inches 

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