About Architecture: An Essential Guide in 55 Buildings

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About Architecture is an engaging introduction to architecture, exploring the ways in which we construct our built environment, and why. Hugh Pearman guides us through the architecture that shapes our lives—from how our towns and cities are organized, to where we live, learn and work, and how we get around, interact with others, and relax. Organized by type—from civic spaces, to homes, offices, and museums—the clear and straightforward structure demystifies the many styles and functions of architecture. Pearman explores how architecture responds to our changing lifestyles and how some buildings evolve or find new uses. He demonstrates that while there is endless variety within each building type, the essence of architecture—the way buildings serve their users—remains surprisingly constant.
Through fifty-five fascinating international examples, from antiquity to the present day, 
About Architecture reveals the intriguing stories of the buildings that explain our world.

By Hugh Pearman
Yale University Press, 2023
Hardcover, 256 pages
7.9 x 0.99 x 10.26 inches