The Shapes That Tried to Escape

  • $ 12.99

Once upon a time there were four shapes who wanted to escape. They tried to disguise themselves as different things, a fish, a bird, a wooden doll, even a bicycle. But they were always spotted. The run through bright paints and trip on the book's spine in a great escape. Will they succeed in their plans to escape.

Teaches Shapes and Colors

“The Shapes That Tried To Escape” reaches children to recognize shapes and color in a fast-paced take about a great escape. As the children read they learn how to combine basic shapes and many new forms.

The author John McCoy challenges kids to find shapes (circle, squares, triangles, rectangles) and to recognize colors (purple, orange, blue, green) throughout the book. Combined with the underlying story of a great escape, the book teaches basic geometry patterns and color concepts making it a great circle time activity at preschools. Winner of the 2019 Royal Dragonfly Book Award, "The Shapes That Tried to Escape" is a great book in teaching colors and shapes to kids and toddlers alike

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