Property Valuation

Property Valuation

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Property Valuation provides a comprehensive examination of property valuation principles, methods, issues and applications of the valuation and appraisal of commercial and industrial property across investment, development and occupier markets. With a clear writing style, this easily accessible textbook presents valuation from the client perspective, offering balanced coverage of the theory and practice of single-asset pricing, risk and return issues.

The updated third edition reflects significant developments that have occurred in valuation over the past several years, particularly the expanding internationalisation of the valuation profession and the growing interest in valuation practice in emerging economies. Greater emphasis is placed on international content and context, such as the challenges of real estate asset valuation in countries with developing market economies, to offer a more global view of valuation practice. Throughout this edition, chapters link the most recent academic research to practical applications, incorporate the latest professional guidelines and standards and address land and property taxation, compulsory acquisition of land, the valuation of non-market goods and services and key valuation challenges with a more international perspective.

By Peter Wyatt
Wiley, 2022
Paperback, 560 pages
6.69 x 1.22 x 9.61 inches

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